P3 World Council carries a global vision of working around ‘Public-Private-People’ domains and it certainly cannot be done alone and would need the support and cooperation of global stakeholders.

P3 World Council, through its regional and national chapters, looks forward to creating a global network of visionary leaders across the world who would influence public policy, facilitate trade opportunities, voice local public concerns and challenges at global levels and cross-pollinate best practices, ideas, and opportunities through a unified integrated platform.

How will it be done ?

Trade Facilitation

Via a global partner network, P3 World Council looks forward to facilitating trade and business opportunities through its platform


A well-integrated and distributed network allows cross-pollination of focused opportunities and ideas relevant to public welfare, business and trade and P3 World Council shall catalyze the same effectively


Country Heads and Local Representatives shall be entrusted with the responsibility of reaching out and identifying local challenges, issues and problems that can be addressed through global expertise.


Well researched and actionable content empowers the ecosystem with the right tools and informed decision making

P3 World Council shall provide opportunities & a platform to industry practitioners and experts with their professional experience, ideas and innovation to reach a global audience via its content publication channel. Our publications shall be for the people, by the people and of the people that empowers and impacts.

We at P3 World Council are committed to publishing industry specific and relevant insights that matters to industry practitioners in informed decisions making