P3 World Council is a non-partisan independent organization influencing Public Policy, Leveraging Opportunities, and enabling Sustainable Development through Public-Private Partnerships at all levels of Governments & Enterprises






P3 World Council positions itself between people, systems, processes, and governments to be a catalyst of change and build a shared value ecosystem. We define P3 as ‘Public-Private-People’ and work around it to bring about a change


To assist and support Governments and Enterprises globally in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and National Vision Objectives.


Promote inclusive development through cross-pollination of ideas, opportunities & best practices, mentor future leadership and engage visionary leaders of tomorrow.


Ask a youth across any part of the world what he desires, and he would ask for an equal opportunity of employment to transform the status of his family!!

What matters to a young woman in any part of the world is to feel secure, have a quality upbringing of her children and live a dignified life that embodies the principles of liberty, freedom, equality, and justice!!

What matters to a father is to have a stable ecosystem around him to provide for his family!!
The growing unrest, uprisings and protests across the world echo the underlying desire to see a change in our systems and processes

Where have we gone wrong and where are we failing? If our needs are so basic, where are we falling short? 

G8’s and G20’s, the Davos meets and the General Assembly’s need to take a bottom-up approach to recalibrate our governments, systems, and processes to make them ‘people-centric’

Governments, systems and processes need to reflect and reciprocate the speed of a changing world order.